Saturday, September 20, 2014

brian & judy (& koby & dori)

so brian isn't just any random guy. he has been my assistant for the last year. and he is an awesome assistant! not only does he help me with my gear, but he's stopped me from falling in puddles, dehydrating myself and makes sure i always have salt for my meals! since brian is getting married next year, i finally got to meet judy and their dog, koby, and their cat, dori...

we took a few shots in the hall of science to start the session....


big bubbles really are fun!

this is the first time i had a kitty on an engagement session... adorable dori!

and stunning koby! i can't help but crack up at dori's lack of enthusiasm for this shot...

so cute!

yes, she really is walking her cat... dori travels well!

it was a little different for brian to be on the other side...

judy wanted to jump. brian didn't want to jump, but judy was jumping so well i made him do it and they did it two times and nailed it both times!

it was great to finally meet judy, koby and dori and it's been great having brian assist me and chat about wedding plans! 

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