Saturday, April 18, 2009


were the cherry tree totally absent from this world,
how carefree would the heart be in spring-time
-ariwara no narihira

Thursday, April 9, 2009

krista & matt

i've got a thing for beach weddings and cole haan shoes.

can you figure out which one is johnny?

they don't taste like they smell.

sometimes the photographer gets shot.

a little bit casa...

a little bit tourist...

a little bit trashy...

a little bit beachy...

a little bit wet...

i followed suit and shot the reception barefoot.

krista and matt were great sports giving us plenty of time to photograph out in the sun and heat. their reception was held on the beach at casa marina in key west. many thanks to todd laffler for having me join him on this shoot.

24˚33' N 81˚45' W paradise

paradise exists here on earth about 1,399 miles away from me. i can drive my car there and i don't even need my passport. you are probably asking yourself... if i know where paradise is, and all i need is my car to get to it, why aren't i living there already?

i asked myself that same question.
sometimes to get to paradise you have to go through miami.
but don't count on seeing the golden girls' house from this high up.
if the propeller stops, that is not a good thing.
if you need a place to stay in paradise, you'd be missing out if you didn't stay at the angelina guest house. you'll feel the warmth of the angelina's charm and character, gracious staff and friendly cats the second you walk in the door.
ps in paradise there are warm cinnamon buns for breakfast every day and a hammock that will make you smile.

throughout my entire life, any time i heard roosters crowing all night long and ambling mindlessly was because i was someplace that warmed my heart.
in paradise they celebrate the sunset every night with entertainment and art...
and sailboats....and sunset views...
the last thing you see when you leave paradise may very well be this...

believe it or not, there are actually people that live in paradise. and i'd like to thank each of them for their kindness and conversations.