Thursday, November 14, 2013

dana & joe & ryan

the cool thing about being this many years into wedding photography is getting to see my couples again and meeting the little people they have created. i shot dana and joe's wedding almost 4 years ago. between dana and her sister joanne, i've been lucky to shoot these guys every year that i've been in business. and now… they are multiplying! 

world…meet ryan.  he is a super lucky guy to be born into a very loving family that i know will spoil and adore him to no end! they were so excited for ryan to arrive that joe's sister bought a gift certificate for this shoot before dana even told facebook she was pregnant!

so cute!

ryan is a chill baby. but like all babies, they get a little upset from time to time. what makes me happy about this pic is that despite ryan crying a little bit, dana and joe are still smiling. while every time a baby cries, parents aren't exactly going to be smiling about it… i liked capturing this image as a reminder to them for years to come when they think the screaming kid years may never end, that there are moments of joys in some unexpected places...

happy baby!

bah! so stinkin' cute!

i just love his little look he's giving me chillin' with his dad on the couch...

dana and joe's expressions… priceless...

i feel like he is saying to me…'you're still here?'...

i love this pic…. i love how dana is smiling and he is just not having it...

because moment's later… he is completely soothed by his mom

aunt joanne stops by to see her nephew….

how neat it was to catch up with 2 brides, a groom and a super stinkin' cute baby! so excited for dana and joe and all of their family to have this awesome new addition. i love when awesome people multiply!


  1. You are amazing. If anyone knew how cranky he was that day they would agree that you are incredible at what you do. You captured some great shots and I think I'm going to start budgeting to have you at every major event in our family :)

  2. Michelle - once again, an amazing job - can't wait to see the rest of the session pics.

    Thank you,
    Judy Warzenski (aka Gram)

  3. he so stickin cute dana/.... love him <3 :)