Thursday, November 4, 2010

melissa & gregg & wally & chloe

when i first met up with melissa and gregg to talk to them about shooting their wedding, i didn't know them at all. since then, they have become friends of mine. as fellow animal lovers, naturally, we clicked. i finally got to meet their doggies, wally and chloe, when i shot their engagement session.

we shot the engagement session in my backyard... i think one thing about living in such a beautiful place is that every once in awhile, you get to brag about what a beautiful place you live in. this is me bragging.

love this!

wally and chloe are not only beautiful doggies, but good ones too!

four smiles...

shortly after this shot, wally decided he wanted a kiss too... pretty....

melissa and gregg had a chance to get to know my animals and give them lots of love, so i was excited to finally meet their furry loves. i was excited to have them as my first engagement session in my new backyard and look forward to hanging out with them in the future...


  1. four smiles - love it!! :)

    nice work, shelly!

  2. These pictures are beautiful! You really captured their love for each other and the dogs! :)

  3. Your place is such a PERFECT engagement session location Michelle! So awesome. Beautiful images, as always.