Wednesday, November 17, 2010

elece & michael

elece and michael were married on a blustery autumn day in new york city...

there are some people in life, that when you first meet, you feel as though you've known them for a long time...

bride in a cab...

i wish 'bluster' meant what i wanted it to mean because then i would say....'there is that bluster i mentioned...'-- but, in reality, that sentence would make no sense. but you get my point...

so much happy in this photo...

i was not prepared for elece and michael's ceremony, not because there was some tricky lighting or unexpected event, but because it was the most heartfelt, touching ceremony i have ever photographed. the officiant, unrelated to elece and michael, had to stop the ceremony to get a tissue herself...that is some powerful stuff.

ok, here is the part where i start to choke up.... any girl would gush over the words michael said to elece---you can just see how completely touched elece is by michael's words. so beautiful...

elece surprised michael and the guests with a clip from the movie 'up' that had been referenced in their vows. the first time i saw the sequence, i bawled. it was beautifully done and hit home. put this moving sequence together with elece and michael's vows and i'm a tearful mess. i could tell the guests were all moved. it was an incredible feeling in that room...

elece and michael had their wedding at astor center and some amazing food by the good knife

i wonder if this guy knows there are two people making out in his pocket?

ties... not only known for being used to create rambo-style headgear, but also for making impromptu limbo lines...

photo booth fun...
i look forward to spending more time with elece and michael in the future and watching their love blossom even more!


  1. Amazing work as always Michelle!

  2. MICHELLE = EXTRAORDINARY PHOTOGRAPHER. You just captured it. And hearing from multiple people that seeing the photos made them tear up as though they were there -- well, that's magic.

    Thank you, Michelle. For your unique eye, for your humor, and your talent. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

    Love Always,


  3. Very beautiful pictures--Elece is my cousin but I couldn't be at the wedding so I am glad she had such a wonderful photographer to capture moments of the day and not just poses... :)

  4. All of these are beautiful, amazing, perfectly captured. The picture in the pocket, and the ring on the placecard w/ the focus on the "merry"....OMG that is so perfect. Love those creatively excecuted (and still compositionally sound) details. Love the shot of Becky at the ceremony touching. You make me wanna be a wedding photographer! And just have to add one last thing....this truly was the most moving ceremony I have EVER witnessed and I felt privelidged to be there experiencing it. Thanks for capuring that perfectly and sharing it!

  5. pamela berry morassuttiNovember 21, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    moving . . . really touching. i also was very far away (in italy) and couldn't make it to their wedding. looking at these images makes me feel happy

    and a little bit sad (to have missed it)

    looks like there was a whole lot of love going on


  6. thanks everyone... i am so luck to work with such fabulous people! it makes me so happy to see that people appreciate the way i used imagery to tell their beautiful story :o)

  7. Dear Elece,Michael and Michelle,

    What a gift to be part of such a wonderful celebration! Michelle, these photos are outstanding! I see *a lot* of wedding pictures, and it is a great treat to see such creative, extraordinary work.

    All the best,
    Sarah Ritchie

  8. Elece & Michael & Michelle,
    I LOVE the photographs! Wow! Thanks for letting me be part of your special day.
    Happy holidays,
    Sarah Ritchie