Thursday, August 20, 2009

christine & chris

it is not every weekend that i get to shoot an awesome bbq bowling alley wedding in asbury park. christine and chris had a unique wedding with a mixture of texas and jersey flair...

christine wore cute blue shoes with her wedding dress. an awesome color accent!

wonder bar... bruce also played here, but now you can bring your dog here to 'doggy yappy hour' every thursday!

my favorite boardwalk shot...

christine and chris had a short and sweet ceremony in bradley park with the history of asbury park surrounding them. i loved the reading from robert plant, and the reading of 'jersey girl'. (chris is from texas and christine is from jersey... hence he fell in love with a jersey girl, aw)

i didn't take any free socks...

i loved seeing women in dresses and bowling shoes... awesome combo!

the evolution of laughter...

ever try this move? the one where you throw the ball down the lane and move your hips in the direction you want the ball to move....

i'm still trying to figure this one out.


  1. so good! this funky place really lets you show your funky style. and what a cute couple!

  2. wowzers. Such a cute couple and an awesome idea! Dresses and bowling shoes are a perfect match in my book! Beautifully captured!

  3. I am married to Christine's cousin, Michael and have known her for most of her life. I was proud to be a guest at this wonderful event.

    These pictures are absolutely STUNNING! They capture the style, the moment and the obvious love of Christine & Chris.

    It makes me want to get married again and have Michelle be MY photographer!