Sunday, December 7, 2014

courtney & brian

one thing that i love about my job is that i am so lucky to have such awesome clients. i know i say this a lot, but i don't think it can ever be said enough. shooting weddings is intense, it's hard work, it can be very stressful and it is physically demanding... but working with such great people all these years is what has kept me going.  

i got to see 10 couples whose weddings i'd previously shot while shooting weddings in 2014. 10 couples! that is awesome, especially considering i took a lighter year this year with just under 20 weddings. courtney and brian's wedding was a record--- three of my past couples were there. not only am i thankful that my clients are so happy with the work that i do for them that they refer me, but i really love seeing my couples again. it can be a strange thing to capture such intimate moments from one of the most important days of people's lives and then never see them again... i've been so honored to be in touch with so many of clients throughout the years. i never take for granted the connections i have made with my clients throughout the years.

now, having shot courtney's brother's wedding 4 years ago and two of her friend's weddings last year... i knew it would be a fun time. also, they are both irish. enough said. courtney and brian originally met in high school at a friend's graduation party... it wasn't until recent years that they started dating- but how fun to have such a history. they got married at the same church brian's parents and brothers had been married in and had their reception at the brotherhood winery in washingtonville, ny-- a favorite place of brian's parents. 

love courtney's dad's shirt--- 'please excuse my daughter'.... it was great to work with courtney's parents again- awesome parents make awesome kids. 

zu working on wardrobe issues!

so pretty... 

i think we can tell where this is going...

one of the many indignations of childhood. but really, how cute is this guy? kieran is courtney's nephew and i had the honor of capturing his parent's wedding 4 years ago. keiran is not the first kid to cry while walking down the aisle and he won't be the last... but it is a pretty classic moment. don't worry, he had a great time at the wedding later on!

brian's nephew's are just like... 'wazzup, this is awesome!'

i love how animated courtney was while walking down the aisle. i see a lot of different faces when brides walk down the aisle. it's more common to see a bit of overwhelm in their expressions... so i just loved how courtney was totally taking it all in as she walked down the aisle.

there it is! she catches her breath like most brides do right before they walk down the aisle....

brian and his brothers...

loved this connection between courtney's parents...

when two irish people get married... you can bet money there will be a bagpiper at the ceremony.

i only got to see them a minute, but one of my couple's from last year, jess and frank, made it to the ceremony. jess was just days away from giving birth to a beautiful baby girl...

and when two irish people get married, you know there will be plenty of spirits to go around!

yay for fall colors!

on any given day, i can look out on my property and see deer. sometimes 20 or 30 of them, but no matter what... whenever i see a baby deer, i can't help but go, 'awwwwww'....

see! i told you kieran had a good time later on! so awesome seeing zu and colin happily married after 4 years and their adorable new addition!

haha... so this guy's thing was walking down the aisle... dance party? not so much....


i'll be honest... taking group shots are not my favorite thing. they aren't very dynamic and it is difficult to get a lot of people to look and smile all at once... but sometimes... you get something fun, like uncle duke sliding into the shot so he wouldn't be left out! this is my kinda group shot! although he was not hurt, he did tell me that his ass was sore for days, but he had a great time! 

we went into the wine cellar to grab a couple of shots...


keiran, about to go drunken frat guy on the box of flip i said, he had a great time. 

now i'll admit, i love when i get to meet my couple's kids. i literally spend days staring and studying the faces of my couples. i know that sounds like some def con 5 stalker sh*t, but between meeting with them, shooting their wedding and editing--- it equates to days. so when i get to see what their kids look like i find it so neat and intriguing because i can see so much of their parents in them. and also, my couples make some really cute kids!

the feet side...

the face side!

and here is my 3rd couple... amy and lukas... who were married last year and are expecting a baby in a few months as well! 

such a blast working with courtney and brian, their family and friends and seeing so many familiar faces. it was my honor to capture courtney and brian's day. thanks to brian leong for assisting me. 

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