Thursday, November 20, 2014


i met up with matteo and his family in jersey city. they used to live here and recently made the move to the 'burbs. matteo is friends with a couple of other cutie pies that i have photographed. they all spent some time in the hoboken/jersey city area and are all now enjoying life in the 'burbs. it's pretty obvious matteo is living the good life! 

love all this happy sitting on his old stoop!

 this is one of those limited time joys of childhood!

did i mention matteo is living the good life? can't you just feel the happy radiating off of him?

ugh, the cuteness...

sometimes those of us that live in the nyc metro area take for granted that we see things like the statue of liberty often... lovin' lady liberty just chillin' in the background of this shot.

another limited time joy of childhood....

love all the love!


matteo... a master of his own destiny...

when you are almost three, you aren't interested in sitting still for any pictures. you are on the move. it was definitely a challenge to keep up with matteo and his changing focus, but a good time for sure!

he was very into the rocks...

matteo was promised a ride on the train after the shoot. he said his ticket was for the '38' train. for those of you who have taken the train in jersey city, you are probably wondering what this '38' train is. it's one of those trains your parents make up to convince you that your ticket is only good for that specific train and not all the trains that are passing by in the meantime. here, matteo is waiting patiently to watch the train come by and talking about his upcoming ride on the '38' train....

got yer' nose!

here comes a train...

one last jaunt... not a bad backdrop, huh?

such a pleasure meeting matteo and his family!

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