Wednesday, September 19, 2012

bad little sister

i've been a bad little sister. 

i haven't formally announced (but i guess i'm about to) on my blog about the fact that my sister and i founded an animal rescue organization over two years ago. our organization is called karma cat + zen dog rescue society and it is the product of over 10 years of my sister and i envisioning helping animals.

my amazing sister left her engineering career to be the executive director of karma cat + zen dog and she has done a fantabulous job so far. i can't put into words how proud i am of her for getting our organization off the ground and running so well. we have adopted out over 250 cats so far with the help of some amazing and dedicated volunteers and donors.

christie, my sister, is often faced with tough situations when taking in cats. when she decided to take in kandy, it was discovered that she was FeLV/FIV positive and she had a couple of infections and and some veterinarians suggested euthanizing her, but my sister would not give up on kandy, or kandy pants as we like to call her now. 

you can read christie's blog from 2011 about kandy here

christie holding kandy in june of 2011...

but maybe you are still wondering why i am a bad little sister?

i'm a bad little sister because i took these much-needed updated pictures of kandy pants 4 months ago and i am just now presenting them to my sister. some people think, 'ooh, how fun that you have a photographer in your family'... my family thinks, 'i hope i get to see the pics you took the other day before one year has passed' or as my other sister says, 'do you think i can see the pictures of the kids from christmas 2008?' my family understands that i am busy fulfilling work for my clients, but i will yell it out to interweb that I WAS A BAD LITTLE SISTER because my amazing sister deserved these pictures months ago. 

so here are some updated pics of kandy pants... who is still up for adoption to a loving home that can understand her condition...

not bad for the kitty that was once fighting for her life, huh?

this shot cracks me up... she just kinda appeared into my frame surprised to see me there...

umm, freaking adorable. you might think there are too many pictures of cute cats on the internet, but come on now... just look at her!

because she is FeLV/FIV positive, kandy pants needs to stay separated from other cats who are not FeLV or FIV positive so that she isn't able to transfer the virus to the other cats, so she has become christie's office cat. she might look like she is at home, but we both know she'd love to be able to roam around an entire house puking cuteness everywhere...

i love you, christie. you have done an phenomenal job bringing our vision into something beautiful that has changed the lives of kandy and many other cats. 

i'm sorry i was a bad little sister. please don't tell mommy on me...


  1. LOVE the surprised face you caught.
    so nice to know there are people out there like you and your sister:)

  2. The second photo posted to this page... she looks exactly like my sweets Phoebe, who was put to a most peaceful rest mid-December after suffering from stomach cancer. I miss her something terrible. Saw the second photo in a newspaper article while signing up for music lessons at a place called Lou Rose in Edison ... the photo threw me. Please take care of Kandy, she's a doll, if there's anything you need, please let me know. Work at Colgate, luckily we own Hill's Pet Nutrition, can't get Rx straight off b/c a vet needs to prescribe it, but other Hill's products are your call.