Sunday, April 1, 2012


a couple weeks ago i was in town just chatting with some people when this sweet little doggy came by. he was very friendly and came right up to me so i could pet him. i said hello to his owner, joe, who then informed me that he feared it could be tux's last walk. tux has been battling cancer. he hadn't been doing very well. as we chatted, i was reminded of my sweet ben who also battled cancer and the efforts i put forth to cure him...

tux had had several homes before joe adopted him for good one and half years ago. he'd finally found his forever home and an owner that would do whatever he could to take care of him. i understand that love. as i stood there, i just kept thinking that tux needed to be captured photographically. he had this awesomely sweet spirit and i wanted it to be captured somehow forever.

i then told joe i was a photographer and told him that i would love to photograph tux if he was comfortable with the idea. he said he loved the idea of it. tux was heading in for chemo the next day and so we spoke of a shoot a couple days later. joe said he would call me no matter what happened with tux.

i waited on monday to hear from joe. after waiting most of the day, i got a call from joe who informed me that tux had gotten another round of chemo and was doing pretty decent so i told him to come on over so we could take his picture...

i love this sweet little face!

coming in for a kiss...

joe just called me the other day to let me know that tux had another round of chemo and managed to put a few pounds back on. i'm hopeful for tux and so happy to have had a chance to meet him, photograph him and be kissed by him!

update (may 14, 2012): sadly, tux passed away peacefully early this morning in the arm's of his person, joe. tux was 4 1/2 years old. joe was the 5th person to adopt tux at the age of 3. joe had the patience and understanding to give tux time to adjust so that his sweet spirit could be revealed. animals have so much give if they are given the chance to feel safe and loved. i'm so glad our chance encounter on the street led to me being able to capture the sweetness of tux for everyone to see. he will be missed. 

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