Thursday, June 30, 2011

erin & jason

i'm pretty sure meeting up with erin and jason marked my third trip to philadelphia in my whole life... it's just one of those cities i never spent time in so it was great to bounce around to different spots with erin and jason and get a new vision of the city...

first we started with some shots with their rescue doggy chase. erin warned me that he was the chase monster, but chase was awesome!

love the little cobblestone streets!

thanks to the carousel guy for not making us pay the $100 fee to professionally
photograph on the carousel!

i've got a new perspective on philly now... looking forward to erin and jason's wedding in the poconos this fall!


  1. Great pictures it is cute for them to have taken their engagement photos with their pup. You must have photographed them for quite a while. Nicely done.

  2. Michelle, I absolutely LOVE our pictures! You were so patient and wonderful with hopping all over the city. Cannot wait to have you shoot our wedding.

    Erin and Jason