Friday, May 20, 2011

robin & andrew

robin and andrew are one of those couples you just love... they are super sweet together and surrounded by loving friends and family!

starting in brooklyn... heading to manhattan and back to queens for the reception--- a true nyc wedding. andrew is a designer as well as robin's sister and they did a great job perfectly incorporating robin's favorite color throughout the event...purple. purple is one of those colors, that despite me loving myself.. can go awfully wrong-- but not in this case!

this was the second week in a row that i had a bride with bright, high heels and matching sneakers... so it's kinda like repeat, but in purple. it's my blog, i'll repeat if i want to...

robin calls these her 'boogie shoes'...

andrew's ring... so cool!

i love this candid shot of robin...

yay for fun, candid mirror shots!

are you loving how this purple works yet?

would you believe this is robin on her honeymoon bed?

andrew's dad watches as robin and andrew exchange vows...

andrew's mom laughing...notice her holding andrew's dad's hand---aw....

it is a strange world we live in now with mobile everything. when you shoot on the highline on a beautiful saturday you will be surrounded by strangers who feel compelled to take photos of the couple (check out the guy right behind them in the pic on the right)-- why? i can never figure this out. do they show it to their friends and say look at these strangers? do they upload it to facebook and make a comment? i don't know.. but people can't help themselves.

some good advice for robin and andrew...

walk tall... love...listen

i love their seating chart-- love the purple, the font., the symmetry.. love it all!

andrew and his brother broke into this dueling dance!

i enjoyed working with robin and andrew every step of the way... from our first meeting together over dinner, to our engagement session where they had their first date, to andrew's most amazing wedding day timeline pdf (with a mobile version!) to their wonderful wedding day! thanks to robin roemer for shooting with me.

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