Wednesday, October 20, 2010

alicia & erik & lukas

it all started with alicia & erik...

....and then came lukas!

(there is nothing wrong with your screen....lukas is just that redonkulously cute! i'm pretty sure i uttered, 'he is soooo cute', every couple of minutes while i was editing these pictures...)

i spent an afternoon with alicia and erik and their new addition. it was great to see them a little over a year after their wedding to catch up and meet lukas.

both of lukas' grandmothers were in town, one from seattle and one from sweden...

lukas is not only adorable... but a very good and happy baby!

love all his little expressions...

how can you not smile back at these pics?!?

one of my favorites...
what a blast to hang out with alicia and erik again! lukas is so awesome. i pretty much can't stand how cute he is...and i imagine he will only get cuter!!!

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  1. um, that baby REALLY is adorable!! nice work, michelle! :)