Tuesday, September 29, 2009

dana & joe

um... yeah... cute....

dana suggested that they do a piggy back picture... then she told me why. apparently, at some point in time, joe was giving her a piggy back ride. she started to slip, and at the same time that she pushed herself up, joe boosted her up... and she went flying over his head onto the ground. these shots are an homage to that incident...

i stopped dana and joe here not for the scenery, but because these kids were so funny. you just see them peeking over and the kid on the left is actually singing a song about how the whole world loves you...
ridiculous... i love it.

dana and joe live in hoboken... when i think of hoboken i think of 'where am i going to park'... this is my homage to hoboken....

love this shot!

i love this shot because if you look closely you can see that dana is leaning back on her heels and joe is leaning forward on his toes... love the little gesture....
i had a great time shooting dana and joe in hoboken on a lovely september afternoon and am looking forward to their wedding next year!


  1. wow, the train station actually looks nice in this pic. good job

  2. This looks great! Although I do love the piggy back one cause it has a special sentiment. Just remember Dana, as Nonni said "he just got weak in the knees!" :)

  3. Love all the pictures especially the last one in the train station - what a beautiful couple - can't wait for March 20th!!!!!

  4. they are FANTASTIC!!

  5. these are awesome/great/super cute/fantastic. I laughed out loud at the piggy-back story. Ouch!! =)

  6. Love those pictures! Really love them! Beautiful couple! Amazing shots.