Monday, June 22, 2009

evan + michelle = bff

it is a weird thing when your best friends from growing up have babies. i like to call them best friend version 2.0's. i love having little versions of my best friends, what an awesome concept.

evan is my friend amy's son. amy, assaf and evan surprised me for my 30th (no worries, it's the new 20) birthday celebration. i hadn't met evan since he was born 6 1/2 months ago because he currently lives in texas.

we had a talk. he is working on moving closer to me.

lucky me for having cute friends with cute babies.

if it isn't crazy enough that i've known amy for 20 years, then think about the fact that i've known her husband for 10. that makes me either old, or blessed to have such great people in my life for so long.

he is just so darn cute... even when he cries

um.. yeah.. cute.

and you can't forget the 'lil red mohawk...

what an awesome birthday present, to meet another BF V2.0!

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